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Christianity is a White Collar Job


Three aspects of the believer’s priesthood are discussed in this compelling work: the priest (position), the temple (place), and the sacrifice-offerings (practices). Each is explained in three dimensions: the Old Testament (foreshadowing), the person of Jesus Christ (fulfillment), and the church (forwarding).You will gain a new perspective on how to change your world through your priesthood by being the church and not just going to church. This book is a must read for anyone serious about the work of the kingdom.

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Kingdom Combat - Les Brittingham


Kingdom Combat is a powerful and comprehensive work designed to challenge and prepare the church to face her great battle between heaven and hell, and to call spiritual leaders to teach on this important subject. This book is both a theology on good and evil, and a practical guide instructing the believer on how to victoriously advance God's kingdom. No army can be effective if its soldiers do not understand the war they are in and the enemy they face. Kingdom Combat comes with a small group study guide and will inspire whoever reads it to "fight the good fight of faith" for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Taking a Second Look at the Second Coming


Les says, “It is time for a change,” as he challenges the accuracy of many current prophecy teachings. He then offers a way of removing the seven roadblocks which have kept us from having a simple, dynamic view of the second coming of Christ. Beware! If you are tired of being confused and frustrated with today’s popular approach to prophecy and the end-times, this book may be the one you have been searching for.

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This in-depth and practical study on the Book of Daniel will challenge you to live big for God in your world. In this work, Les blends sound scholarship with very relevant principles for godly living. If you have been afraid to read Daniel because of all the confusing teachings on prophesy, this work is a must read for you.

$15.95 US
Revelation Unraveled


A comprehensive treatment of the Book of Revelation. Les deviates from the standard approaches to this book which are often confusing and conjectural. Instead, he offers a fresh, simple lifestyle orientation that eliminates much of the confusion and places Christ and His victorious church, as the preeminent theme of the book. Read this work and you will never be afraid of Revelation again.

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Tabernacle of Grace - Salvation Revealed in the Old Testament Tabernacle



If you have desired to use the Greek New Testament and struggled, help has arrived! In his two-volume set, The Greek New Testament Made Easy, Les discusses in a clear and scholarly fashion, over 2500 verses in the New Testament, where the Greek language makes a difference in meaning and insight. With its easy layout and great indexing, any student of the Bible will derive benefit from this book. A must addition for any biblical library!

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Over 870 pages including more than 2,500 verses discussed!

Volume 1 - Matthew to 2 Corinthians
Volume 2 - Galatians to Revelation
(Packaged together)

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Tabernacle of Grace - Salvation Revealed in the Old Testament Tabernacle


A complete study of the Old Testament’s greatest symbol of grace: the Tabernacle. This work discusses in detail the numerous symbols and shadows in God’s original tent that picture Christ and salvation.
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The Amazing Secrets of the Zodiac - The Good News of Christ in the Future


Les believes it is time to reclaim the skies for the Lord. In this Christ-centered book, he discusses the twelve signs of the zodiac and 36 decan constellations which reveal God’s original plan of salvation in the skies. If you would like to minister to those who follow astrology, this book will help you immensely. You will never look at the stars in the same way again.

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